Gay & Christian: One woman’s perspective


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I recently became a blogger for Momentum – The official (note, this is not the unofficial but official!) blog of YALT (Young Adult Leadership Task Force) of the Christian Reformed Church (which is my denomination by choice not by birth).  Although it would be easy to question my “young adult” status we figured I’m young-at-heart and I am passionate about issues that YALT addresses. Speaking of status, it would be easy to question my CRC status as I’m not Dutch and I’m writing about such things as this.  However, I’m thankful they will have me! My first blog post did not actually involve much writing because I interview my dear friend and former co-worker of many years Beth. One question I asked her was:

How has your journey of discovery and coming out as gay impacted your experience of faith?  What has been most spiritually formational in your journey as a sexual minority person? You can read her thoughtful and gracious answers here!

And if you are reading this from the lovely and today SUNNY Vancouver, please come to an event I’m hosting on Weds Oct 30 7-9 pm with New Direction Ministries. You can find out more about it in my last post.

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