What I’m Into Nov 2014 – The Beluga Edition


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Good Bye November….Here’s what I was into.

Listening: The Serial obsession continues. It keeps getting better! Did you know there is a follow-up podcast on Slate? Each week some folks from Slate.com talk about this weeks episode and interview real lawyers, investigators etc. Needless to say, I love it.

Reading: As if there hasn’t been enough heavy news this month, I’m reading Miriam Toews latest novel, All My Puny Sorrows. It is very good and I’m thankful I’ll be discussing it in my new book club (!!) because books like this must be processed with friends. On the lighter side, I’m looking forward to reading Amy Poehler’s new book over Christmas vacation. If I can’t read it on the beach somewhere, I’ll do it in front of a toasty fireplace.

Hot tip from the Interwebs: My favourite place to find photos for my blog is at unsplash because the photos are free, easy to access and for reasons I will not be able to explain require very little editing on my part.  Here is an example that has nothing to do with this post (except that I’m always into swimming).

qkWQIqfGTgibEwt76i6w_photo (3)

Bondi Beach by David Di Veroli


Life lesson of the month: I should really add this section every month. I’m learning how to discuss things I feel passionately about with people who disagree with me (I am not good at this).  I’ve had many  heated debates with someone I love about the word feminist and their lack of using it despite their utterly feminist beliefs. And then I read this article. Read it if you have ever struggled hearing or using the word feminist.

Blog: As some of you may know, I posted a very hard piece this week as an introduction to a series I’m hosting: Living with Someone Else’s Mental Illness.  I shared my experience of being married to someone who struggles with mental illness. Let’s just say my blog posts might get a few comments and once in a while someone other than my mom or sister-in-law will ‘share’ a post. This one was shared over 30 times, and ‘reached over 15,000’ on Facebook (whatever that means) and had over 1600 views on my blog. It’s both overwhelming and exciting. Come back here on Monday for the next post in the series (by someone other than me!).

In other blog news, next week I’ll be over at Little Did She Know joining in Cara’s (de)tales series and I’ll have a post at Momentum.

Lowlight: I’ve been closely following the events of Ferguson and reading one heart breaking story after another. This isn’t the time or place to unpack it all but I will say this. Please don’t turn a blind eye to this.  There are a million places to learn more but just make sure you don’t learn it all from the same source. Question your own biases. Learn from someone who doesn’t look like you. Perhaps begin with considering the concept of white privilege. Here is a good place to start.

In light of Ferguson, I thought I’d post the tweet that has stayed with me the most this week (by a complete stranger, Comedian/Actor Arthur Chu @arthur_affect):

WTF is the impulse behind changing to .                                                 Do you crash strangers’ funerals shouting I TOO HAVE FELT LOSS

Highlight: I snapped this shot of Sam and his beloved Beluga last week. I’m into it.


Once again I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for the “What I’m Into” synchro-blog. You can check out the rest of her site and all the posts here.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Into Nov 2014 – The Beluga Edition

  1. “Please don’t turn a blind eye to this. There are a million places to
    learn more but just make sure you don’t learn it all from the same
    source. Question your own biases. Learn from someone who doesn’t look
    like you.”

    Yes. This. I’m so saddened by it all and convicted by my ignorance.

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