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It’s rare that I get to share the work of my clients due to the nature of coaching relationships.  But when you have a client as spunky and creative as Emily, this is bound to happen.  When Emily asked me if I would share her video and ask you all to vote for her I couldn’t resist.  Here’s a bit about the story and the video that needs your votes.

Emily is in the running to be the next Cineplex Pre-Show Host! You know those people ahead of the previews who interview celebrities and chat about the upcoming films? She wants to be one of those!
Emily is a writer and movie-enthusiast from the east coast who polished her presentation skills in theatre and as a poet in the Vancouver writing scene. Her video was selected from a pool of over 300 entries, and she needs to make the top 3 to progress! This round is decided by online voting – Click here to see the contenders. Voting is open daily until July 20th – so let’s take this thing national! Check out the link, vote once a day, and earn Emily’s eternal gratitude.

I voted and it is super easy!

You can also follow her progress on Twitter: @emdavidson


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