One-on-One Coaching

Out with the OLD, in with the YOU!
Explore how you are living vs. who you really are. Make an attainable action plan to move you in the right direction.

Any of this sound familiar?

You don’t know what is next for you.
You have big hopes & dreams but don’t know how to reach them.
You probably have some baggage you need to deal with.

You grew up in the church but are not sure what you believe right now?
You love Jesus but the “Christians” are killing you.

If so, this is just for you:

What you’ll get from me:

  • Someone trained like a pastor, experienced as a coach (it’s like pastoral care meets your to-do list).
  • A no-nonsense, candid and encouraging approach to life in (or out) of the church.
  • No judgement!
  • Someone who understands the Church language but holds it loosely.
  • A place to bring the questions (and the answers) you are wrestling with.
  • A simple, attainable action plan
  • Thoughtful, personal + guided homework
  • Encouragement + accountability
  • Email access with me in between sessions

What will you do?

Explore who you really are (you may be surprised what you discover!)

Reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go through custom made exercises

Discover + uncover what is keeping you down

Blow up any baggage and figure it out how it is holding you back

A new plan for how to live YOUR values

Set goals and accomplish them!

Make big shifts or changes

See what others have experienced!

I just recently made one of the biggest decisions in my life–my career path. The path I’ve chosen require lots of money, years of schooling, and much hard work. Also, there are many great alternative careers. I was quite conflicted for multiple reasons. I am so very grateful that I had Jane to coach me through this decision. She helped me navigate my thoughts and emotions. I recommend coaching to anyone, and especially from Jane! 

– David Klassen, Future MD

I had been “attempting” to start my photography career for nearly a year and after only two sessions with Jane, I was gaining momentum!  I scheduled over a dozen portrait sessions and made the business cards I had been meaning to get for months.  Jane is a beautiful listener and inspiring coach.  Jane also helped me get back some of the play and patience that I had lost in my parenting.  She helped this working mom get to where I wanted to go!

– Caitlin Spencer, Photographer & Mother of two young girls

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8 sessions over 4 months + $820.00 (payment plans available)