One Word for 2014


Have you heard about this idea to ditch New Year’s Resolutions? Of course you have!  Have you heard about changing them to intentions instead of resolutions? Perhaps.  But have you have heard about ditching them all together and simply choosing ONE WORD to live into in 2014? I hope so.  Changing from resolutions to intentions, well if you know me, you can hear me making fun of such a thing. Sorry, but I am a bit cynical about such ‘coachy’ jargon. However, one word! This is something I can get behind.   I’ve never participated before but the idea settled in nicely.  Here is a bit about how I ended up with the word I chose.

My husband declared 2012 the “year of Jane’s vocational wholeness.” I know, who has a husband that does that? This moi!  He was more committed than I was to help me figure out what to do with my life. I mean I had a good job with wonderful people who taught me so much but we both knew that it wasn’t the path for me to continue on forever.  Through many a Monday night bottle of wine,  we decided I would take the plunge and invest in coaching school.  It was a big investment financially and a huge time commitment for a working mother of two but I did it and have no regrets. It was a fabulous year and worth every minute and dollar. In fact, I often say that going to coaching school was worth it for my own personal development alone.  I took the five three-day courses, I did the 6 month-long certification process which includes over 100 hours of paid coaching, supervised calls etc.  When I was finished I was abruptly thrown into the world of “Hi, you have your own business now.” WHAT? I mean I love the work but I didn’t know the first thing about starting my own business.

So I took some time. I hired Lance to design me a sweet website. I wrote some blog posts. I joined twitter. I did some more coaching. I read too many other coaches’ websites. I took an amazing online business course. And most importantly I found my niche.  I didn’t just find my niche, like “hey there you are, hiding under the rug.”  I ran smack dab, face first, full speed ahead into my niche.  There is nothing stopping me from coaching who I want to coach and who I feel drawn to/called to/unquestionable about coaching.

I want to help Christian women blow up their evangelical or religious baggage and become who God has made them to be.  I want them to own their awesomeness. I want them stop hiding behind “oh I shouldn’t” or “oh I can’t” or “oh I’m not good at that”or my fave “no, not me, I’m not that great at [insert the thing they are amazing at].”  It is so easy for us to buy into these lies. We can hide behind ‘humility or ‘selflessness’ or ‘nice’ but when we do that we miss who God has made us to be. Of course there are times to be humble and selfless and nice but I guarantee we embrace them at the wrong times too often.  I want to help women overcome this! I don’t want to do it in a passive, only reflective, ‘pray about it’ kind of way. I want to help them in loving, encouraging, practical and precise action-oriented ways.  And in order to help women become bold. I have to become bold.

Welcome to my word of 2014: BOLD.

Whoa. I just got nervous. I’m imagining myself writing a public blog post about the BOLD things I will do. Here goes.

I will boldly tweet the things I believe in.

I will boldly ask to be a guest blogger on blogs I love.

I will boldly work in ways that I know will help people, not just the ways ‘other’ coaches do it.

I will boldly write about things I care about and things that are hard to share. (I already bolding signed up for Story 101).

I will boldly ask hard questions to my clients and boldly tell them what I really think is going on with them.

I will boldly pray for patience in parenting and marriage so I can boldly love my family well.

I will boldly grown my business through marketing that doesn’t make me feel icky.

Whether or not you are participating in the official #oneword365 what will your one word be? Feel free to leave it in the comments!