Listening to the Marginalized


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I’m super excited to share my latest post with you all because it is has to do with a topic I’m passionate about. Not only do I love listening to people share their stories and their lives (I do this for a living as a coach), but I love encouraging others to listen. During my time at Jacob’s Well I had the privilege of listening to a lot of different voices and am so thankful for them all. This is a great opportunity for all of us to listen at the margins.  The following is an introduction to a post that is on Momentum (a blog I regularly write for), as well as, a blog that I’m so glad I discovered: Do Justice.

As people, we naturally gravitate toward those similar to ourselves. It’s simple, easy and it’s comfortable. We gain friendship, empathy and encouragement from such relationships but a problem ensues when we solely hang around those similar to us – we end up only listening to like-minded voices.

We often don’t realize how enveloped we are in like-mindedness until our beliefs are challenged in an abrupt fashion. Perhaps we see a tweet that jars us or a guest preacher stirs something up at church. “What? People believe that!” or “I have never heard scripture interpreted that way!” We are forced to deal with the dissonance that sometimes comes with new ideas.

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